Recent history

The company currently has a portfolio of intellectual property including the exclusive license for the operation of over 400 patents Nantero through AlphaSezenszor ) for application in cardiology , hematology and oncohematology . In addition, the company already has its own patent and several in progress.

This portfolio guarantees a R & D roadmap that includes PPP projects at national and European level worth over 50 M € with companies like Bosch , NXP, J & J , STMicroelectronics, and Atmel.

AlphaSIP has cooperation agreements with universities (Harvard, Complutense , UAB , Zaragoza ) , Technology Centres (CMN , CSIC) and hospitals.
The company currently has a team of 32 FTE in R & D , Production, Marketing , Sales , Administration and Finance, and 16 external researchers in cooperation projects .

AlphaSIP currently has four platforms:
• Lateral flow with Optical sensor: Provides a qualitative analysis.
• Electrochemical with magnetoinmunosensor: Quantitative analysis.
• Lab robot with electrochemical sensor: Quantitative analysis.
• Micro- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ( μRMN ) diagnostics: Provides a Quantitative Analysis.

These platforms have already led to two marketable products:
CocaCHIP and DrugSIP : Drug detection tests in saliva and urine.
CardioChip : Deep Vein Thrombosis Diagnosis.