First steps

AlphaSIP arises from the initiative of Dr. Brent M. Segal and Dr. Miguel Roncalés as the result of their collaboration since October 2006 in various venture capital projects, with the idea of ​​combining the Spanish and American technology successfully.

In August 2008 the patents that were registered by Dr. Brent Segal are acquired by Lockheed Martin for the uses of space defense and energy, reserving environmental and biomedical applications of the 120 patent through Szenszor Alpha (Miguel Roncalés business partner) that helped to get a basic chip. The success in converting chips in diagnostic kits involved the creation of AlphaSIP.

Dr. Javier Roncalés Mateo. (CoFounder)
Hematology Doctor. Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO). Germans Trias I Pujol Hospital. Autonomic University of Barcelona. Experienced researcher, specialized in hematology. With over 30 years experience in clinical medicine and research collaboration of well known notorious industrial laboratories and hospitals in Catalonia. Throughout his career, he has created from scratch various Blood Banks and oral anticoagulants treatment in the north area of Barcelona (more than one million patients).

Dr. Brent M. Segal (Co-founder)
Dr. Brent M. Segal is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nantero, leader company in nanotechnology. He is an active member of the steering committee at the Massachusetts Institute of Nanotechnology (MNI), executive member of Massachusetts NanoExchange (MNE) and Advisory Board Director at the Center for High Rate Manufacturing (CHN) at Northeastern University, Mass Lowell University and New Hampshire University.

Dr. Miguel A. Roncalés Poza (Co-founder)
Ten years of diversified experience in Venture Capital. Assistant Statistics Professor – University Antonio Nebrija 2007. Previous experience in M & A and Corporate Development at Telefónica Group. Finance and multi statistical Professor at URJC in 2005. CUNEF Education. Member of Steering Committee of AENEAS (European Employers of Semiconductors) and member of the Governing Board at ENIAC (Joint Undertaking Initiative with the European Commission, representatives of National Governments and industry) to define European objectives.

During 2008 they financed with their savings a first prototype. That summer, they organized the first ENIAC project with researchers from the INA (Nanotechnology Institute of Aragon), Complutense University, University of Zaragoza, Thomas Swan and Alchimer, which although was not selected it was helpful to improve the base technology and they manage to develop a craft get protocol, on an American chip resistant to antibodies.

A large group of founders was created to help with the contracts, licenses. Talking about the scientific part they group with researchers from the CSIC, Complutense University of Madrid and doctors that obtain EUR 8 Mill to develop the Spanish platform in the CAJAL4EU project (EUR 24 Mill for 3 platforms), enabling the industrialization of the project and the creation of “Arcatech” a robust and low-cost multisensor platform.

Reach for an innovative university assistance aimed for foreign observing group.